Oxford Historical Society

Oxford Historical Shrine Society “Keepers of the Old Church”

Chartered in 1974, local residents joined together to form the Oxford Historical Shrine Society. The primary focus at the time was the restoration and the eventual full time upkeep of the already 133 year old “Old Church”. Click on Oxford and the Civil War below for a full history of the “Old Church” and “Kitty’s Cottage” from 1841 to the present. The later move of “Kitty’s Cottage” to the Old Church grounds has kept the Historical Society busy with year round activities and maintenance. Since it’s restoration, “Old Church” now hosts tours, concerts, weddings, family reunions and many other social functions. At 161 years old the ”Old Church” is a treasure indeed.

In addition to the responsibilities of the Old Church and Kitty’s Cottage, the Oxford Historical Society republished a book written by a resident of Oxford in the early 1900’s. Polly Stone Buck was raised in Oxford when the only people here were those working at and attending Emory College. Find out what Oxford and small town life was like through the eyes of a young girl. Mrs. Buck weaves a wonderful, down to earth story about “The Blessed Town”. Purchase your book today through the Oxford Historical Shrine Society.

Oxford Historical Shrine Society
Post Office Box 245
Oxford, GA 30054
Contact for scheduling tours and rentals: Sarah May 678- 532-7811
President: Erik Oliver
Vice President: Anderson Wright
Secretary: Louise Eady
Treasurer: George Holt
Directors:  Avis Williams, Lisa Dorward, Lynn Pace, and Peggy Madden

Additional Information

- The Old Church
- “Oxford and the Civil War”
- “The Blessed Town” - contact City Hall for your copy today (770) 786-7004

To reserve the Old Church for your special event please contact:

Sarah May 

(P) 678- 532-7811 : (E) oldchurchoxford@gmail.com 

For additional information about Oxford Historical Society please visit Oxford Historical Society.