Planning Commission January 12 2021

MEMBERS: Jonathan Eady, Chair; Zach May, Vice Chair; Juanita Carson, Secretary; Mike Ready and Mike


STAFF: Matthew Pepper, City Manager and Zoning Administrator.

GUESTS: David Huber; Brian Barnard.

OPENING: At 7:04 PM, Mr. Eady called the meeting to order and welcomed the guests.

MINUTES: Upon motion of Mr. Ready, seconded by Ms. Carson, the minutes for the meeting of

December 8, 2020 were adopted as amended. The vote was 5-0.

ELECTIONS: This is the first meeting of 2021, so it is time to elect officers for the next year. The officers

are: Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

Upon motion of Mr. McQuaide, seconded by Mr. Ready, Mr. Eady was elected as Chair, Mr. May was

elected as Vice-Chair, and Ms. Carson was elected as Secretary. The vote was 5-0.


reviewed the development permit application to include interior renovation work to the kitchen. The

work includes new cabinets, an island and pantry, and new flooring. Mr. Barnard confirmed that he will

not modify any mechanical services as part of the kitchen renovation. It will be a part of the renovation

work on the home located at 1112 Asbury Street that was approved by the Planning Commission in

November 2020.

Upon motion of Mr. McQuaide, seconded by Mr. Ready, the Planning Commission approved the

development permit application to complete interior renovation work on the kitchen as described above.

The vote was 5-0.



Commission reviewed the development permit application to include the following work to the property

located at 1102 Emory Street: the construction of a 6’ tall wrought iron fence in the backyard; the

completion of an outdoor shower; and the laying of a brick paver apron surrounding a shallow fishpond

on the east side of the back patio. The Commission confirmed that the proposed fencing would be

contained on Mr. Huber’s property.

Upon motion of Mr. May, seconded by Mr. Ready, the Planning Commission approved the development

permit application to include the work at 1102 Emory Street as described above. The vote was 5-0.


DISCUSSION ON AMENDMENTS TO CHAPTER 40: The Commission continued their discussion on the

amendments to Chapter 40 Zoning, specifically Sections 40-575, 40-712, 40-713, 40-841, 40-842, and

Division 16 – Residential Infill Overlay District. Prior to the meeting, Mr. Eady shared a summary of the

proposed amendments with the Commission. Mr. Eady asked that the Commission review the summary

and provide any feedback on the proposed amendments. The Commission will then review the feedback

at the February meeting.

The Commission discussed the relationship between the city’s development and building permits. They

discussed amending Section 40-842 to include specific permits for structures like pools, decks, and

fences. Prior to the February meeting, Mr. Pepper will send the Commission a list of permits that the city

approved when it contracted for third-party building inspection and permitting services.

In addition, the Commission discussed making minor amendments to Division 16. – Residential Infill

Overlay district to reduce the designation’s flexibility. For instance, the district contemplates that a

north/south artery on the east side of Emory Street/SR 81 should be included in subdivision plans. This

would be difficult to implement given the size of existing lots and available space to build.

The Commission will continue their discussion on amendments to Chapter 40 during future meetings.

They will share their recommendations with the Mayor and Council.


OTHER BUSINESS: Mr. Pepper reported to the Commission that the Mayor and City Council approved

Mr. Ellis’s minor subdivision request at the January Regular Session Meeting. In addition, he reported

that the city is still working on filling the vacant seat on the Commission.


ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Eady adjourned the meeting at 8:03 PM.

Submitted by:

Juanita Carson, Secretary