Weekly Update 01/09/2015

From Bob Schwartz, City Manager 


Whatcoat Street Building Roof – We are still plagued with intermittent roof leaks at the old city hall. But, it’s not every customer who can meet the roofer with a bucket truck to make a thorough inspection. Scottie Croy and our roofer inspected the roof last Friday afternoon after the latest leak. The problem is around the edges and they are working on a solution.

Electric Cities of Georgia – ECG is using our council chambers on February 5th for one of three regional meetings they are having. John Giles, president asked if they could borrow the room for their meeting. They are going to discuss ECG services and cost allocation methodologies in preparation for the FY16 budget process. Please let me know if you would like to attend and we’ll reserve a space with ECG. The meeting here begins at 9 am in the city council chambers. At the end of the meeting, we will walk over to the Dean’s Dining Room at Oxford College for lunch.

Swearing In Ceremony – Here are some pictures from Monday night.

Police Department – Here are the totals for the fiscal year (that’s since July, 2014) to date.