Weekly Update 08/03/2015

From Bob Schwartz, City Manager

Sign of the Times – Last week, we installed an electric meter for Oxford College for a new vehicle charging station in the parking lot next to Fleming Hall. It can charge two electric vehicles at a time.

GMA Annual Report for Risk Management and Employee Benefit ServicesHere is a copy of the GMA annual report for benefit services. Oxford is a member of the retirement fund (for some employees), the property and liability fund, and the workers’ compensation self-insurance fund. These are substantial programs that benefit all the cities in Georgia. When I was a member of the board in 1989 we had a little over $200 million in assets. The retirement program now has $1.7 billion in assets. The other programs have less, but are all well-funded. So much so, that they are generally able to return dividends through reduced premiums to member cities.

Recycling – We talked at the last Council meeting about how many households are participating in our recycling program. Jody counted the recycling bins put out today and there were 160. That’s out of 612 residential garbage customers or about 26%. Years ago, Jody remembers it would get as high as 225 or so. We will be working on ways to increase participation.