Weekly Update 09/04/2015

From Bob Schwartz, City Manager

Coke Toast – Oxford College held its traditional Coke Toast at about 5:30 PM Friday, August 21. Dr. Kenneth Carter of the Psychology Department was chosen to lead the incoming freshmen and their parents in the traditional toast.

The first day of class was Wednesday, August 26th. The campus looks better with students.

This year Oxford College enrolled 489 freshmen from 9,274 applications. Of the 489, 58% are female and 42% male. 17% are international students. Of the students from the USA 33% are from the southeast.

George Street Park Drainage – We are advertising for bids for the George Street Park Drainage project to replace the storm drains that have deteriorated in George Street Park. Bids will be received September 24th and presented to Council at the October 5th meeting. We recently added further work to this project to replace the deteriorated drainage culverts on the west side of Wesley that connect to the George Street Park drainage structures. The culvert under Wesley was replaced 8 – 10 years ago and needs no work at this time.

Safety Training – We held a safety training session in the Clerk’s office on Friday, August 28th. Lt. Pilgrim conducted training on how to safely use pepper spray.

Science Building – We had visit from Ralph Staffins, president of the Covington Newton Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday. We drove around the city, had lunch at the college, and then Kendra Mayfield arranged a tour of the almost complete Science Building. It’s very impressive. The current schedule has the college beginning to move in this December.