Weekly Update 11/02/2012

From Bob Schwartz, City Manager

 Halloween – Chief Harvey reports that we had a quiet Halloween in town. One reason
    may be that most of the trick or treaters were on the Covington Square for the

    “Trunk or Treat” featuring local law enforcement.  Chief Harvey and Officer James

    Pilgrim participated while Officer Chris Cass patrolled Oxford.  Officer Pilgrim’s

    wife, Angela, really got into the spirit of Halloween with her clown costume.  

    And, I don’t know who that guy is with the pumpkin head


 Utility and Maintenance Department – Jody attended the Georgia Rural Water meeting 
    on Monday and Tuesday.  Our crew was busy during the week.  They started I D tagging

    the new electric poles that were changed by Marble Pirkle Inc.; finished lighting project

    on Fletcher St.; repaired a sink hole at the intersection of Green St. and Soule St.;

    repaired a sewer back up at 620 Moore St.; flushed fire hydrants on Asbury St. due to

    customer complaints of muddy water; and repaired five street lights.  Jody and Lauran

    have figured out a way to mount a street light to shine on the west entrance to the

    Council chambers to help with Election Day. The light will be mounted Friday so Jody

    can see if it works in time to adjust it for Tuesday night.  With the time change,

    the last voters will be lining up in the dark.

 Clerk’s Office – Our utility bills were mailed on time (something I couldn’t always
    say in some other city where I used to work).  Lauran has met the current reporting

    requirements of HB2 administered by the Department of Community Affairs.  This involves

    both the SAVE and EVerify programs that were instituted by the US Department of Homeland

    Security.  It has added an whole new layer of reporting responsibilities to the City Clerk.

 One on one meetings – I have almost finished meeting with each councilmember.  Each of you
    bring a lot to the table and it has reaffirmed for me why I’m here.

 Whatcoat Street – Jim Windham and I met Tuesday with a landscape architect I’ve worked with
    before – Jon Benson. We informally discussed the Whatcoat Street project.  Jon is going to

    send the city a more formal proposal for a visioning project to make to help improve the 

    sidewalks and the entrance to Oxford College.

 ELECTION DAY – Election day is Tuesday so you will see the election setup when you come
    to the Council meeting Monday evening.