Weekly Update 11/16/2012

From Bob Schwartz, City Manager

 MEAG Mayor’s Summit – Mayor Roseberry and I attended the annual MEAG Mayor’s Summit last 
    weekend. It’s a time for the MEAG staff and several expert speakers to bring the cities up 

    to date on the electric industry. Here’s some of what we learned:

• Bob Johnston – president of MEAG, reminded us of the increased regulatory

  pressure on coal fired power plants.  There likely be new regulations for

  the containment of ash (brought about by that enormous spill in Tennessee

  several years ago), and there may be new CO2 rules for existing coal plants.

  Natural gas is becoming more popular as a fuel to generate electricity, largely

  because gas prices are very low.  20% of the MEAG capacity is in natural gas

  (none of Oxford’s portfolio is natural gas). The total MEAG energy usage is

  20% less than originally planned.  This has been caused by the recession and 

  results in a higher per unit cost that originally planned.

• Chuck Eaton -  just reelected PSC commissioner, reminded us that, as utility

  providers: “Our job is to be taken for granted.”  50% of the last Georgia Power

  rate increase was related to environmental costs.  His goal for electric

 generation is to have a diversified fleet of power plants – coal, hydro,

 natural gas, nuclear, renewable (wind, solar).

 Pete Glaser – a partner with a law firm in Washington, DC, said that even

  while EPA is likely to be getting ready to put new regulations on coal plants,

  we need to note that overall emissions have decreased 60% since 1970 while total

  production has gone up.

 Airport Road water extension – Work is well underway and it should be finished next week.
   Here are a couple of pictures – one of the boring under the road and the other of the water

    line being installed.

 Utility and Maintenance Department – Jody reports that they: replaced stolen stop sign
    at the intersection of Haygood and Moore St.; repaired seven sewer cleanouts that were

     broken or missing in Victoria Station Subdivision; and measured and painted a number of 

     areas around the city to be patched by LMIG funding.

 Whatcoat Street – I met with a second landscape architect on Thursday.  We will get his
    proposal and compare it to the one we received last week.  We will put together a

     recommendation for council to review after looking at both proposals.

 Electric Rates – Terry Smith, Lauran, and I met with the electric rate expert from the
   Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG)on Wednesday.  ECG is going to review our current rates 

    and make a recommendation.

 Clerk’s Office - Dawn and Amanda both attended the State Mandated Court Clerk Certification
   class on Friday November 9, 2012.  This is an annual  eight hour class required by the State

     of Georgia of all Court Clerks as well as anyone who handles or has access to court documents

     which includes collecting fine payments or accessing the Courtware system to view a citation.  

 The Movies are coming – Remember we will have a film crew setting up in the vacant lot next
    to city hall in preparation for their two filming nights across the street the week after Thanksgiving.

 Thanksgiving – City Hall will be closed Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23