FEMA Flood Hazard Area Maps

Flood Insurance Study, Newnan County

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Here are the 4 major maps for the Oxford area. For best viewing, right click on the image and save it to your computer, then open the file and rotate the view in your PDF viewing program.

Panel 20 - Gum Creek

Panel 38 - Dried Indian Creek

Panel 107 - Turner Lake, Turkey Creek

Panel 126 - Covington, East Dried Indian Creek

For more precise searching capibility, you can download FIRMette Desktop.
It allows you to search for a panel by address or coordinates and download and view additional panels from FEMA's Map Service Center website.
It requires Windows 7 or XP, a PDF reader, Microsoft .Net framework, and an internet connection. For more information on installation, view this guide.

Download FIRMette here.